Welcome to our career page, you can find the current available positions and career opportunities at Kuga Electrical. If you are successful and are offered a job with us, we promise to give you every chance to succeed in the Kuga family. You will find colleagues willing to show you the ropes, offer guidance, and help out when needed.

All of our current and available job listings are located below. If there is not a job available in your location, then unfortunately we do not have any vacancies in your area at this time.

At Kuga Electrical, our aim is to deliver outstanding customer service.We strive for excellence in every aspect and understand that our people are an asset. We truly believe that we are all leaders in our areas of expertise and we share a mutual sense of commitment to deliver the best results. Our team strives to provide customers the best and most extraordinary experience.

KugaElectrical is a proudly Australian owned and operated business with over 100 employees. We are committed to business growth but at the same time social advancement as well. Kuga Electrical plays a conscious role in reducing carbon emissions and playing our part in protecting the environment. We are very passionate about what we do and that reflects in our services and work. We promote a focused and friendly environment at work making it easy for all our team members to network with everyone, regardless of their position in the company. We firmly believe in mutual respect and appreciate your individuality. We make sure that we offer all our employees opportunities to further develop their skills both at a personal and professional level.